Nesrin Budak

Office: BZ08

Phone: +90 312 210 3154


M.S., Middle East Technical University, Traffic and Transportation Psychology, 2017-present

B.S., Middle East Technical University, Department of Psychology, 2017.


Research Interests

Risk perception, human factors


Publications, Projects, Presentations


Ersoz, C., Budak, N., Öztürk, İ. & Öz, B. (2018). The Relationship Between Listening to Music While Driving, Driver Impulsivity, Risk Level of The Road, and Behaviours and Risk Perception of Drivers. 20th National Congress of Psychology.


Budak, N. (2018). Accident Analysis of a Motorcoach Collision With Combination Vehicle. Poster presented in Accident and Behavioral Models: Theories and Implications course.


Budak, N. (2018). Review of Team Situation Awareness. Poster presented in Situation Awareness: Theory and Application course.